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Walking in Truth
“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…” Hosea 4:6
In the Bible, the first type of knowledge mentioned is the knowledge of Good, and the knowledge of Evil, from the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. And in eating from the tree, men and women have come to know both Good and Evil.

But the hard part in life, and a central focus in living a righteous life, is to come to be able to distinguish the difference between what is Good and what is Evil. How many people have been destroyed or had their life ruined because they could not tell the difference between Good and Evil, or between what is True, and what is False?

The most important Truth that anyone needs to know is that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the only way to right standing with God and eternal life. If you don’t know this most important Truth, the Bible teaches it will lead to your eternal destruction. (To learn about this most important Truth, please See Here and Watch this.)

At the same time, not knowing the truth in this life about a topic can also lead to destruction in this mortal life.
In you walking out your life, if you think what is false to be true, and what is evil to be good, this is the most essential knowledge that you lack, which will lead to destruction in your life. But if you walk out your life knowing Good to be Good, and Evil to be Evil, if you know the Truth to be True, and the False to be False… then this is the essential knowledge you can have that will prevent destruction and lead you towards prosperity in your life, that God wants you to have.

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!Therefore as the fire devoureth the stubble, and the flame consumeth the chaff, [so] their root shall be as rottenness, and their blossom shall go up as dust: because they have cast away the law of the LORD of hosts, and despised the word of the Holy One of Israel.” Isa 5:20,24

This is how important it is to walk in truth, and why our loving God, who wants to prosper us,
says, “I have no greater joy to hear that my children walk in truth” 3 Jn 1:4

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. Then you will call upon Me and go and pray to Me, and I will listen to you. And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart. I will be found by you, says the LORD, and I will bring you back from your captivity…” Jer 29:11-14a

I am a born-again Bible believing Christian, who believes in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, who believes Jesus Christ is the only way to be saved. I believe in the inerrancy of the Holy scriptures in their original manuscripts, and in their miraculous preservation by God, despite all odds. I would describe myself as conservative, evangelical, more Baptist than Pentecostal, but I simply am a Christian, and also am a young earth creationist. I have a sola scriptura stance on scripture, while taking into account more scholarly academic issues on language, manuscripts, and translations.
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